This public CockpitConnect website is work in progress... Just like the 737 home cockpit itself, a never ending story.


The main idea of CockpitConnect is to build a Boeing 737 cockpit home made completely, to see the possibilities with low costs.
The CockpitConnect project is not intended to HAVE a cockpit, but to BUILD a cockpit. That means that all components and software are home made, including frames, panels, knobs e.d.

CockpitConnect: Where the cockpit and software meet each other in the cloud!

CockpitConnect architecture

Sub projects

CockpitConnect consists of several sub projects.

  • Home Cockpit build (woodworking, 3D printing, laser engraving, CNC milling)
  • Wiring and build circuits
  • Management dashboard webinterface (connect components to Raspberry Pi's)
  • Raspberry Pi scripts (listen for in-/output and execute given action)
  • API gateway (everything is triggered by just one gateway)
  • Microservices (all code is separated in different pieces)